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After the comments made on relationships, I thought it right to share a blog post I received. I believe we can see from this perspective that no matter what we believe, the TRUTH is, the Bible teaches men to love their wives as Christ loves the Church. Men are called as a Spiritual leader in marriage. It doesn’t mean they always will. Christ laid His life down for the Church, so it would live and grow. Spiritual leadership requires having a healthy fear (respect and reverence) for God. When a man respects and honors God above all else, he will love his wife with a love that will draw his wife into his love, and she will respect and trust him.  Marriage was originally designed for those who love God and one another.  My experience has been that any relationship built on a sandy foundation and without an understanding of the love of God, will have great trouble. Paul tells us that those who love God will experience trouble in marriage.  Trusting God, respecting Him and seeking Him above all else will build a healthier perspective for love. Love includes boundaries. It is not a free for all, without moral integrity and disrespect for God and one another. Without Christ’s love as the center, no relationship will breed  trust.

I hope you gain some gold nuggets from the attached message. I did!

Wisdom Hunters Daily Devotionals.


2 thoughts on “Wisdom Hunters Daily Devotionals – Spiritual Leadership

  1. “Without Christ’s love as the center, no relationship will breed trust.” Short and to the point. And so very very true! I could not agree with you more! The article in ‘Wisdom Hunters Daily Devotional’ is SUPERB! I wish I could email it to every husband, every man on the planet! It is a wonderful guide and explains the Holy Bible’s wisdom, as to God’s expectation and instruction for the role of a husband. I’ve two sons who shall find it in the in-box of their email! (-:

    One more thought…….As a woman who’s first and only marriage (so far) disintegrated gradually into dust and ended in divorce, I now look for qualities in a man far different than I did at the age of 21. Because I am not that same young naive woman. And I now have a closer relationship with Christ Jesus. I now know and understand exactly the kind of man I want and need. He MUST be a Christian! He MUST live a Christ-centered Life! He WILL love, honor and respect ME, and I him! He WILL love me as Christ loves the church! He WILL make mistakes, as will I! He WILL be imperfect, as will I! And we WILL seek The Lord’s guidance, in prayer (together and separately), through OUR church and from Holy Scripture (The Holy Bible). I cannot and will not settle for any less than what I know I need and deserve! It is my belief that If all Christian women would rely upon these requirements of their husband or husband-to-be and themselves, marriage would be the beautiful fulfilling union of heart and soul it is was meant to be, as God Himself ordained it so!

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